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Accountancy and Legal Services for Foreign Companies in Belarus

East & West Change Management consulting company (EWCM), founded in 2013 in Minsk, is a multi-disciplinary international company with wide partner network in different countries. Company specializes in accountancy and taxation, management accountancy, IFRS, registration of companies, market research. About company

Top 5 Reasons to Choose EWCM

  1. more than 20 years experience
  2. 50 inspections without punitive sanctions
  3. taxation minimization
  4. communication in English
  5. excellent knowledge of Belarusian legislation

Advantages of Accountancy Outsourcing

1. saves time

2. reduces costs

3. highly qualified professionals in narrow areas

4. no need to recruite staff

5. business process automation

Accountancy & Taxation Services for Foreign Companies in Belarus

1. Accountancy & Taxation Services

  • accountancy and taxation consultations;
  • selection of taxation system, display of economic operations on account of company, payments, making primary documents;
  • keeping accountancy and taxation;
  • taxation optimization;
  • consultations in changes in Belarusian legislation;
  • internal auditing;
  • undergoing financial and taxation inspections;
  • reports to Social Welfare Fund and “Belgosstrakh”;
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • accountancy automation;
  • liquidation of legal entities.

2. Management Accountancy Services

  • organization and keeping management accountancy;
  • making management reports for managers, leaders and owners;
  • cash flow management;
  • funding budget and projection.

3. Services in Foreign Economic Activities & Currency Operations Areas

  • registration in the Customs Service;
  • product certification;
  • search of new business partners in countries of CIS post-Soviet space.

4. Outstaffing Services

  • recruiting of staff;
  • keeping personnel accounting.

5. Legal Consultations Services

  • registration of legal entity;
  • search of legal address, preparation of documents for legal address registration;
  • search and rental of space;
  • reorganization of companies (including mergers, acquisition, restructuring);
  • establishment and evaluation of contracts, risk analysis (including FIA).


  • Cost of 1 consultation containing 1 question – € 9.
  • Accountancy cost – € 90 / 1 month.

The final cost regarding the complexity and terms of the project and is specified on meeting with Customer.

Special Offer – Till the End of the August Only!

  1. 50% off for the 1st month of keeping accountancy and taxation;
  2. reports from € 22!

Any questions? Just ask!

Contact Us

Private Enterprise “East & West Change Management”

Address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 220123, 53A Maksima Bahdanoviča St., suite 1011.

Tel.: +375 (29) 605-60-31, +375 (44) 749-83-18

E-mail: info@eastwest-cm.com

References from Our Clients

“We had been co-operated with “East & West Change Management” for 1 year. For all time of that co-operation “East & West CM” team have demonstrated high level professionalism and efficiency. Accountance services have always been provided exactly on time, rapidly and in full. “East & West CM” company is trusted to behave responsibly, and we hope for a further long-term and fruitful cooperation”.

- Travel Agency “Inclusive Travel”

“My co-operation with private enterprise “East & West Change Management” has started in 2015. The company always provides rapid and professional consultations in accountancy, taxation, procedures of preparation and filing documents”.

- Individual Enterpreneur J.A.Sudiev

More EWCM Services

Для иностранных компаний

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Translation Services

The main purpose of East & West Change Management company is to minimize barriers between countries and foreign companies, including language barrier. Our experts have excellent knowledge of English, Chinese, Polish and Russian languages and have translation and interpretation experience.