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Для иностранных компаний

Marketing Services

East & West Change Management company provides marketing services for foreign companies.

1. Market Research

  • determination of size and characteristics of market (custumer characteristic based on age, sex, income, social position, profession etc.);
  • determination of geographical location of potential customers;
  • determination of proportion of goods of the main competitors in the total sales on the given market;
  • research of structure, composition and organization of working of the supply chains on the given market;
  • analysis of general economic and other external trends, bearing on market structure.

2. Sales Research

  • determination of distinctions in sales volume in different areas;
  • estublishment and review of the boundary of supply areas;
  • planning of visining clients by sales representatives;
  • increasing of efficiency of sales agents working;
  • evaluation of methods of trading and supply stimulation;
  • analysis of efficiency of distribution network by model “costs – income”.

3. Product Research

  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses of competitive goods (i.e. not only goods of given company, but also goods of its competitors);
  • search of new application methods of product, analysis of idea of new product, testing new products attracting custumers;
  • package research.

4. Advertising Research

  • analysis of efficiency of advertisement texts;
  • analysis of efficiency of advertisement promotion methods;
  • analysis of efficiency of advertisement working.

5. Contextual Advertising

  • creation and keeping of advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex, including selection and analysis of keywords phrases, creation advertising texts, regular setting of rates etc.;
  • web analytics (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika).

6. Developing of Marketing Mix Strategy: Product, Place, Price, Promotion

7. Media Planning

*Cost of the service regarding the complexity and terms of the project and is formed individually.

If you have any questions, just contact us!

Contact Us

Private Enterprise “East & West Change Management”

Address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 220123, 53A Maksima Bahdanoviča St., suite 1011.

Tel.: +375 (29) 605-60-31, +375 (44) 749-83-18

E-mail: info@eastwest-cm.com

Other Services

Для иностранных компаний

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Accountancy and Legal Services for Foreign Companies in Belarus

East & West Change Management consulting company (EWCM), founded in 2013 in Minsk, is a multi-disciplinary international company with wide partner network in different countries. Company specializes in accountancy and taxation, management accountancy, IFRS, registration of companies, market research.


Translation Services

The main purpose of East & West Change Management company is to minimize barriers between countries and foreign companies, including language barrier. Our experts have excellent knowledge of English, Chinese, Polish and Russian languages and have translation and interpretation experience.